210 E. Broad St, #210-D
Forney, Texas 75126
(214) 347-2304

Quote Number QUO-2656
Quote Date March 5, 2020
Total $9,890.00
Chia-Pin Hsu
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Shower Demolition

Removal, hauling and disposal of shower walls & floor.

1 Shower Repair and Remodel

Leak repair and installation of plumbing, tile walls and floor (seat included).

1 Tile Floor Demolition

Removal, hauling and disposal of existing bathroom tile floor and baseboards.

1 Tile Floor and Baseboard Installation

Installation of tile floor and baseboards (painting of baseboards included).

1 Hallway Floor Repair

Second level (entry of bedroom #1).

1 Crown Molding Repair

Repair of existing crown molding (bottom of staircase). Includes painting.

1 First Level Playroom Ceiling Repair

Includes repair and painting.

1 Material

Drywall, Cement, Lumbar, Mortar, Grout, PP, Liner, Plumbing, Drain (Faucet Not Included), Mosaic Tile (195 sq ft.), Seat, Door, Caulking, Baseboards, Paint.

Sub Total $9,890.00
Tax $0.00
Total $9,890.00

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