At KB Stewart Construction we offer a range of property improvement services in commercial and residential sectors. Skilled trades include roofing, plumbing, window and glass, masonry, carpentry, painting, flooring, drywall, concrete, white box demolition, design-build, remodeling, maintenance and repairs.

Our services are hands on and tailored to meet the unique needs of every client.

We are trustworthy, law-abiding contractors, and we are here to help make your experience as convenient and stress-free as possible. Beware of dishonest contractors that botch jobs, inflate costs, abandon projects, do not honor client warranties or offer to waive or reduce insurance deductibles (which can have financial and legal consequences for the homeowner and contractor, even in cases when the homeowner is unaware).

KB Stewart Construction will not compromise integrity or quality.


Exterior and Interior Remodeling


Interior Renovation and Build-Out

Project Management

Estimating, Logistics & Planning, Employee, Risk and Project Management

Let’s build something together.

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